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Ksoft International helps organizations choose the best technologies require today. By proactive IT strategies, systematic designs and ongoing technical supports, we streamline your business operations, boost productivity & increase profitability.

Our proactive approach makes sure your IT consulting investments safe and prolific. Leave the maintenance of your systems & networks to our team of professionals, so that you can focus on your business.

Our growing story is simple but visionary, since the inception of its time; Ksoft International has provided high quality IT Consultancy to a number small, medium and large national as well as multinational organization. Today, Ksoft International is home to a miscellaneous & flourishing business with a noteworthy concentration of the company’s senior partners, several major long-term clients & rich expertise spanning major sectors of the economy.

Our Specialties

Ksoft International advises the famous private & public organizations, equity companies and entrepreneurial businesses in the largest, developed and populated area of the country. We have successfully completed many projects in Europe, Middle East & South Asia as a professional and well-reputed IT Consultant. In global market, we are continually growing with innovative & exceptional technological ideas, and building long-term relations with national & international business partners.

  • Our special consultancy supports firms with high-value and strategic IT issues like:
  • Boost productivity with minimal interruption to your daily workflow
  • Focus on growing core business while we carefully handle your technology requirements
  • Care your business data and make secure your computer network
  • Exceed ROI (Return On Investment) expectations & let your IT investment help business grow

Our Culture

Ksoft International has set its offices at the prime locations of metropolitan cities. In a professional and friendly environment, we provide a R&D based innovative tech works. We hire smart people with determination to meet the common goals & business targets. To become a model IT Consultancy, we are progressing with our following four core values:

  • Humanism
  • Openness
  • Proximity
  • Enthusiasm

With the shared vision & values, we actively provide our employees broad way & opportunities to grow. IT experts in our company autonomously work in a friendly & democratic management style. They are empowered to invent such innovative ways in which your business can grow rapidly with high profits to become a market leader. We also keep them energetic, fresh and injecting with latest knowledge, skills and abilities through regular training & development.

Our IT Services 

  • As professional IT Consultant, we are expert in a number of leading IT fields, and offer the following services strategically:
  • Web Designing, Development and Hosting
  • Mobile App Development 
  • Software Development
  • General End User Support
  • Hardware  & Technical  Support
  • Network and Internet Security
  • Technical Documentation, Digitization and Training
  • Strategic IT Development

Ksoft International is technologically fully equipped with latest tools, techniques and a team of IT experts to lead you in this digital world. We want to build long-term relations with our clients & customers for a win-win situation in business.

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