Professional Business Solutions

Moving your business to a new location...........but don't have the time to work out the finer details? Ksoft Networking Solutions can setup your office with efficiency that in not offered by anyone else.From ordering office supplies to wiring your office with internet connectivity to protecting you network with the finest firewalls available.

We can visit your business with the skills and energy necessary to solve any computing problem. As any computing businessperson knows, too often computer technology makes us slaves to our work practices and our success rates. When hardware breaks, Precise Networking Solutions can quickly make it right. When you do not understand why that printer is not producing what you see on the screen, we can solve the problem.

  • When you suddenly find that your database is corrupted, we can rescue all that is possible.
  • We are able to solve your problem with the finest Precision possible, all to make you, the customer happy!

We provide professional Business solutions including the following

  • Data Backup.
  • Server Installation and implementation.
  • Network Wiring Certification.
  • On-call availability.
  • Provide break-fix services for most PCs and peripherals.
  • Website submissions to promote your site or business.
  • Whether you are a small-to-medium-sized business or.
  • enterprise, we can design, create, and support your network of information systems.
  • We analyze your needs, whether you are starting from scratch or expanding your present setup, and build the systems and network infrastructures that are appropriate for your organization and its future.
  • We integrate system into a network that can expand with your corporate technology needs, without necessitating major overhauls in the future.
  • We can suggest changes to your current systems, servers, and network that will minimize current overhead expense.
  • We make your systems and network accessible so that either our technicians or your own IT person can make adjustments and repairs with a minimum of down time.
  • We can provide secure remote access to your corporate WAN.
  • We will keep your IT staff trained in the latest technology.