website management & maintenance service

Your website is an important business tool that requires 100% uptime on the web. It needs to be kept live to help the visitors find your products and services online 24/7.Along with the necessity of watching over your website, it is of utmost importance to keep the content and the data fresh, crisp and accurate, for this reason, it is important that your website is maintained by the professionals who can keep a watchful eye on the status of the website, as well as can provide prompt website updating and ensure error free uptime of the website.

We provide the website management and maintenance service to ensure that your investment in your web presence bears beneficial results as we look after the technical management of your website as well as keep it updated with respect to website data and its content.

Our Website Maintenance Involves

Keeping Your Website Up-To-Date

The search engine’s requirement is to keep the content fresh and up-to-date. We work hard to accomplish this goal by providing website updating with respect to content updating, product updates, pricing changes, changes in the company profile, employee induction announcements and any other information update that needs to be done to extend correct and accurate information to the website visitors.

Maintaining and Managing Your Site

The ever evolving technology demands that your site is constantly monitored and updated according to the technological updates. This keeps your website error free as well as secure from the hacker’s attacks. The website downloading speed and the data optimization are important aspects as per Yahoo, Google and the Bing, as such, we ensure that your website meets the current demands technological changes and enhancements.

Secure And Protect Your Site

Time to time the website design codes, databases, search and the display function including shopping carts require to be kept clean from bugs. ASP, PHP and Perl codes need to be fixed to tighten the security of the website. We have the capability of managing and maintaining all codes and application in house.

Re-Structure Your Site Contents

Your website visitors and those who repeated visit your website need to see something new on their next visit. Whenever the need be, or whenever you feel to restructure your website to create more visitor’s interest, we can help you to re-structure your website for onsite content, navigation and user friendliness, to extent business seriousness to your visitors and customers.You Simply Can't Afford to Ignore Regular Website Maintenance

Leaving your website unattended can damage your web presence. It can result in broken links, lost files, unsecured access for hackers and spammers etc. It is important that your website is regularly maintained to minimize the threat of losing your online presence.