Networking Solution

Ksoft Networking Solutions is focused on providing state-of- the-art computer networking installation, as well as in depth troubleshooting and consulting, along with quality security solutions to any desired protection level,at a reasonable fee both for homes and businesses . Today in 2016, one of our most popular services are wireless networking, both for homes and offices. Simply stated,wireless networking allows sharing a single broadband Internet connection ( as well as files and printers) among multiple computers. With wireless ("WiFi") technology,one can lie on the lounge chair in his backyard or den with his laptop fully connected at very high speed to the Internet.and one can easily print from any laptop or desktop to any printer in his home or offices. At PNS,we know Wireless and we know how to install it that it works right the First time.Every time..and so that total privacy is never a concern. Ksoft Networking Solutions..We think our name says it all.

We provide Networking solutions including the following

  • Network design, wired and wireless, home and business.
  • Network installation, cabled and "WiFi".
  • Network repair, increased network speed.
  • Improved network security.
  • Reduced potential for eavesdropping.
  • Install home/ business state-of-the-art computers.
  • Install high speed PCs.
  • Custom designed and built PCs.
  • Data recovery, data backup.
  • True protection against viruses, spyware.
  • Removal of complex viruses/ adware (e.g., The Klez).
  • Computer hardware repairs;
  • Most repairs in home or business.
  • Tutoring for groups and individuals.