What is pay per click (PPC) advertising?

PPC is a type of marketing which is called ‘Pay Per Click’ marketing it is very considerable to offers determinate output, quickly. The idea is quite simple; it requires an understanding, and ability to execute a successful marketing promotion. We use a set of some advanced methods to assist you get full value from the paid search.
It does not matter that you don’t have heavy budget for your product to market on Google but we have an advertising network through which you may pay only if people click and watch your ads. This is how Google AdWords page works.

This is a recent trend in the market where customers can promote their products and services through showing up on search engines. Every popular and leading search engine now days has its own PPC services to market your business and promote it faster than any organic rankings i.e. Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) techniques. If you need faster results and time constraint is a hurdle then PPC might serve as the best option for you. Some of the top ranked pay per click search engines include Google's AdWords, Yahoo's Search Marketing, & Microsoft's Bing ads.

All pay per click marketing and advertising facilities work through the similar concept. As our customer you can create a link of your advertisement using your business key words; when user of internet searches any of the key words the search result results are shown up along with your advertisement link; and when the user clicks the link then you pay as per click criterion.

How Ksoft works on PPC concept

Our veteran search engine marketing professionals at Ksoft know that how to execute an effective PPC operation for your business. For this purpose it is highly important that your assistant should be well equipped with required knowledge which is needed in a sense that a wrong or faulty PPC promotion can easily eat up your marketing budget. Ksoft is proud of that we are an experienced and seasoned pay per click company providing highly professional and state of the art PPC marketing services. We can assist your PPC advertisement on the search engines of your choice without wasting a single cent of your budget.
Process of Ksoft Pay Per Click Marketing

Market survey research

Successful and effective PPC requires insight knowledge of the indigenous market and consumer search outlines. At Ksoft, we prepare first to get to know your business, your business USP, your market competitors, your potential customers, along with their requirements & needs. The more research services we prepare with, the more successful results you enjoy.

Keyword analysis

As SEO has a system of keywords, the intelligent keyword based survey is an essential and integral component of PPC marketing. It’s all about using the keywords smartly and intelligently which work efficiently to bring output. At Ksoft, we use highly advanced tools to study searcher intent, search volume, and even that the relevancy between various keywords. This search based analysis allows us to generate a set of keywords/phrases that ensures maximum PPC value.

Creating account to start

Having an account on Google AdWords is very simple as it’s like creating an email account. Once you are in, you get to move on.
AdWords' Starter Edition is for those who create their account for the first time for PPC marketing which will get you through your first PPC campaign. After this you may switch to the Standard Edition whenever you want.

A/B testing

Being your companion in PPC advertisement in Karachi-Pakistan, our goal is to provide you ads that activate and trigger clicks. We use a technique of splitting ads to maximize the effects of PPC performance, our team is trained to monitor its own performance and assists to improve the overall cost per click total.

Landing page optimization

PPC can attract a flow of quality viewers; to convent visitors into paying customers you need purposefully designed landing web pages. At Ksoft, we are specialized in creating effective and bespoke like landing web pages. Our landing pages lead your viewers through the buying cycle and assist you make effective sales.

Lead generation

As your concerned advertisement will be shown on the relevant searches, the internet user may click it and it is leading to an ultimate lead group and adaptation. You pay Google a certain amount for every click on your ad.


The very benefit of PPC is that it can bring you faster results; you will be shown up on the top pages of Google and variety of search engines you advertise on within a frame of very short time. If your present ranking is very low and you need to boost up the awareness and web usage PPC can work well for you. The only limitation of PPC is as it is a bit costly than SEO and its results can be short-lived once you quit paying for ads.