CMS Joomla Website Development Training

Joomla is a Web Content Management System (CMS), Basically CMS is a type of a web application , through which a person can generate a new application using its functionality.

1st Module

  • Introduction to WebDesign , Internet ,HTML & CSS.
  • Installation & Introduction to WAMP server.
  • Installation & Deployment of Joomla .version 3.0, 3.8.0
  • Orientation of Joomla Front end & Backhand.
  • Introduction to Joomla Backhand control panel & User management.
  • Installing new templates & management.

2nd Module

  • Working with Menus, Artilcle Management and Module Position.
  • Working with section and Categories.
  • Working with system tools , SEF , SEO , Meta tags and Descriptions.
  • Working with MySQL.

3rd Module

  • Working with Joomla Componenets and Modules.
  • Working with videos in Joomla website.
  • Working with CSS based templates & layouts.

4th Module

  • Design a Joomla template with Dreamweaver.
  • Upload Joomla website on live servers and configuration.
  • Design Joomla Template with Artisteer.
  • How to secure Joomla Website.