SEO Training in Karachi

SEO training in Karachi, is introduced by Ksoft as a professional level training in Search Engine Optimiztion in Karachi, Pakistan. Our Goal is to equip professionals with the SEO tools and techniques that can help them to gain web visibility for their websites. Ksoft SEO Karachi Training Center in D.H.A. Phase II Extention provides comfortable self paced, SEO training in Karachi.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of gaining top search engine ranking using SEO techniques that help in making a website search engine friendly.

Trainer’s Profile

Mr.Mohammad Tariq is a professional, certified and experienced SEO trainer. He has worked for many Companies in UK and USA. He is an experienced SEO professional who conducts SEO training in Karachi at Ksoft. He is a post graduate Marketing professional who has spend time in learning the tips and tricks of SEO.

Course Outline Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine

  • What is search engine?
  • Why is search engine important?
  • How search engine work?
  • Difference in top search engine ranking criteria
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Keywords Selection Criteria
  • Domain and Hosting related Issues
  • On Page Optimization
  • Link Bait
  • Keyword Placement and Formatting Technique
  • KEI

Strategy for Internal Linking

  • Developing Link Building Strategy
  • Monitoring Your Right Competitors
  • SEO Friendly Content Writing Techniques
  • Optimizing & Compressing Your Website’s Code
  • Natural Linking / Organic Link Building ways
  • Analyzing Your Website’s Traffic
  • Google optimization
  • Yahoo optimization
  • Msn optimization
  • Paid Markeing

What is Paid Marketing?

  • How to increase traffic from Paid?
  • Difference B/W Organic and Paid
  • How to choose keywords for Paid campaign?

Blogging / Forum

  • What is blog and forum?
  • Differentiate between blog and forum?
  • Benefits of blogging and forum?
  • Effective use of blogging for your online marketing & PR
  • Dos & Don’ts of Blogging
  • Spam / Black Hat Techniques
  • Overview of SPAM techniques
  • Overview of White, Gray and Black Hat SEO
  • Overview of Google SPAM Policy

Scope & Objective

  • Core Awareness of Search Engines and Optimization of the Websites.
  • Get top positions with specific words on leading search engines and reach global audience.
  • Market your website/ product internationally.
  • Power of internet
  • High Paid Salaries Jobs
  • Extra Source of Income
  • Freelance Working Facilities
  • Benefits

The participants will gain

  • High Paid Jobs both locally and internationally
  • Best Self Employment opportunity
  • Ability to Promote and Handle Own Websites in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo,Msn…
  • Dos and Don’ts of Website Development and Designing
  • Capability of Understanding Search Engine Workings
  • Overview of Latest Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • Understanding of Online Marketing Strategies and Implementations
  • Difference of Manual and Automated Submissions, Monitoring, Reporting
  • Understanding of Business Oriented Websites
  • Approaching to International Market
  • Realizing the Power or Value of Internet
  • Online Target Market Identification
  • Identification of Competitors
  • Understanding of Online Surfers Psychology

Who should attend the SEO Training in Karachi?

This course is highly valuable for

  • Marketing Executives: Assigned to promote their company's or client's Websites.
  • Webmasters: Want to increase traffic to their Websites.
  • Small Business Owners: Want to learn how to promote their Websites on search engines.
  • Owners of e-Commerce Websites: Want to increase paying customer conversion ratio of their websites visitors.
  • Website Designers: Want to offer search engine marketing services to their clients.SEO and SEM:
  • Fresh Graduates: Want to learn SEO in preparation for starting their own SEO business or applying for a job as an SEO or SEM.