Website Design & Development Training

3 Months Intensive Training that can change your life. If you are unable to find a high paying job, if you are searching for part time earning, or if you are seeking opportunity to work from home. The web development and web designing is the right skill to develop. 

This course is for: Every Adult (Males & Females) with (At least Matriculate) of any age.

  • Students
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Job Seekers
  • Housewives
  • Teachers
  • Lawyers
  • Retired Persons

Entering in to the I.T. field could be the right choice for you.

  • Are you a job seeker?
  • Do you want to switch to a better High Paying Job?
  • Are you searching for an additional income source?
  • Do you want to earn from Home?

If the answer of these questions is yes, then take your first step and enter the fast paced online marketing world. The world is changing rapidly. Everyone of us are going online to search for information and products and in this fast changing hi-tech world of information, we need to be equipped with tools and tackles that can help us to stay abreast with the fast paced technological environment. The rapidly changing environment is opening unlimited opportunities for people with entrepreneurial skills and for those who want to improve their life style through high paying jobs. The time, the pace and your future is in your hands.  Take your first step to change and improve your current monetary matters.

Website Development Training Course Description:

This course will equip your to make a cutting edge web site using content management systems (CMS) which allows developers and websites owners to instantly and dynamically update web pages and web properties with new content o keep the websites updated and fresh, just the way Google wants ( purposeful, creative and customer centric). Thus if you are the skilled person developing the websites for the customers you can have an edge over your competition.

This course explores Website development from its core. Its starts from CSS and explores how to write CSS codes, HTML5, JavaScript and Dreamweaver. Web development does not come without graphics. In this course we teach you how to build logos, create your own customized graphics, web templates, banners, advertisement, business offers etc. through a comprehensive course of Adobe Photoshop. In this web development course we teach you how to customize CMS system into attractive dynamic websites. You will learn how to decode, change PHP codes while customizing hundreds of free Web Templates whether you are building a business website, Ecommerce website design (Online Shops), Blogs, Landing Pages etc.

We will also teach you how to optimize your websites for Google searches. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basics will be taught to you so that your website could be found on the Google search engine search results when someone searches for products or services being sold by you.

Course Outline:

  • • CSS, HTML5
  • • Adobe Dream Viewer
  • • Introduction to CMS (Content Management System), Web System &
  • • Planning
  • • Understanding Web Layout, Structure and Content Management System Architecture
  • • Installing & Configuring CMS system
  • • Choosing and Editing a Template
  • • Extending Joomla (modules, components & plug-ins)
  • • Hosting Administration with Cpanel, creating e-mails, doing back-ups
  • • Search Engine Optimization
  • • CMS Advance Parameters

Course Objectives:

  • Once you have mastered the art of website design and development you will be able to:
  • Make your own dynamic responsive websites
  • Get a high paying job in a well known website Designing and Development Company.
  • Open up your own Website Designing and Development Company
  • Work from home – Get Freelance work from International clients, earn in US$
  • Work part time on web development projects and create an additional income stream.
  • Make your own websites and earn through your websites (Monetizing your website)

If you are ready for the exiting journey in the world of web and if you are ready to build you career – just call 0333-2158012 or send us an email inquiry. We will help you to explore the opportunities in our DEMO classes. Saturday / Sunday special classes also available.